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Responses by Marine Langenegger and Emanuele Fiori, cofounders, Epok Design.

Background: This website is part of the broader project of completely redesigning Paris-based experiential workshop Athem’s visual identity. It includes a reshaping of the logotype, the creation of a dedicate typeface, a printed book and the website itself. Athem and its teams aim to turn each project into a unique, meaningful event. The workshop draws its philosophy from the concept of disruption in order to provoke emotions and create the exceptional. Athem aspires to establish contact between the work and its audience through an individual or collective act of artistic creation.

Athem offers its expertise to curators, artists, local authorities, cultural and industrial heritage sites in order to transform a location or make a statement through an unusual artistic event. In 35 years of activities, more than 500 scenographies have emerged. The change of the graphic identity was the occasion for Athem to show the diversity of their projects, its “savoir-faire” and the quality of its achievements. The aesthetic and artistic dimensions guided our work all along.

Design core: Each page of the website we designed and built for Athem has its own specificity and particularity. The goal was to emphasize the ideas of boldness, rigor and adaptability.

Favorite details: For us, the largest sources of pride on this project have been: managing to keep the principle of the vertical shifts on all pages—typography and moving images, among others. Another great achievement is the team page that represented a large amount of working time for development: the concept was actually the client’s idea, but to make it work dynamically and across devices proved to be such a challenge!

We are also very proud of the “La Création En 5 Étapes” (or “creation in five stages”) page, which groups five abstract illustrations of Athem’s working process. This is, to us, brilliant motion design work by our collaborator Christophe Zidler.

Challenges: One difficult part of the project was to sell the client on three usually opposed features. The first one was to offer an easy, pleasing administration system for the website—we selected Storyblok because of its live visualization of the modifications. The second one was to get a visually impacting website while keeping the third feature: short page-loading times.

The project also had a very time-sensitive aspect. The desktop version was created and developed in ten months, but the mobile version had to be developed in three weeks because of a specific milestone of the client. This required us to enlarge the development team and to include Éric Huguenin, who was able to make an amazing website in this short period of time.

Navigation structure: Each page has its own scrolling effect. We tried to regroup the navigation elements at the bottom of the page to make it easier for users to understand. The projects page also has a drag-and-drop feature to ease the browsing between the projects. The contact page on the desktop version is also original.

Technology: Node.js, Nuxt.js, GreenSock TweenMax, Storyblok.


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